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The RAIDEN DKR collection was built to reimagine what ADV riding can be. Thundering machines, hell-bent on taming both asphalt and earth, can be fickle beasts. They simultaneously require both a heavy hand and the lightest of prods. The RAIDEN DKR Boot was built to tackle the footwear requirements of this dichotomy. Its sleek profile, based on GP boots, is mated to an athletic EVA/rubber bottom unit. This combination provides excellent control and feedback while providing all-day walkability for the dismounted rider. The hinged shin plate is backed with a D3O® insert for true riding coverage. Dual straps and full rear-entry zip make the DKR Boot very easy to get on and off. Finally, the entire boot has been engineered to meet the requirements of European testing standard EN 13634:2010 including optional waterproof requirements.

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